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The functions of various pliers are as follows

Date:2018-06-14 16:32:53

1. Shear pliers, which can be used for cutting or trimming (side shear pliers, front shear pliers, cutting pliers, etc.).

2. Steel wire pliers, which can be used for cutting and clamping (steel wire pliers, crane pliers, electronic pliers, etc.).

Regarding the hinge structure, the differences are as follows:

1. Butt joint, such as woodworking pliers. Butt joint at the top of the pliers without milling and riveting.

2. Single shear hinge, such as steel pliers. The joint is processed by milling, half the thickness of the milling, so that two pairs of pliers are inserted into each other.

3. Casing-type hinge. One handle is provided with a groove, allowing another handle to pass through the groove and hinge at the joint. Casing type twisted pliers - other than water pump pliers - are costly because they are more difficult to make with hard alloy steel. Therefore, compared with the first two methods, it is relatively less important.