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Rubber hammer differs from rubber hammer

Date:2018-06-14 16:13:11

     1. The rubber hammer is a rubber hammer with elastic material. It mainly strikes some fragile places and installs floor tiles and glass to provide a certain cushioning effect.

     2. The use of rubber hammer and the type of body body repair use a variety of specifications and types of sheet metal hammer, respectively for metal processing in the correction and rough processing, precision processing and special purposes.

     3. The material of rubber hammer is polyurethane rubber. Polyurethane rubber as the owner chain contains more carbamate group series elastomer material, is actually a polyurethane rubber, referred to as polyurethane rubber or ammonia ester rubber or polyurethane elastomer. In addition to amino acid ester groups, the polymer chain also contains ester groups, ether groups, urea groups, aryl groups and fat chains. It is usually composed of polyols, polyisocyanates and chain extenders. Different structures and types of polyurethane rubber are formed with different materials and ratios, reaction modes and conditions.