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Daily maintenance and maintenance of pruning shears

Date:2018-06-14 15:29:00

      Many people are handy with pruning shears, but the maintenance of scissors is not so important, or do not know pruning shears are also needed for daily maintenance. In fact, any sharp tool will blunt without maintenance. This rule also applies to ARS tool makers, although it establishes most stringent quality control standards. In order to make pruning shears have a normal service life, please pay attention to timely maintenance and correct storage.

       The first thing to be reminded of is that the new scissors have been cut and need not be sharpened. Pruning shears the usual maintenance is mainly aimed at cutting edge trim, as shown on the left: can be used for table small blade diamond grinding wheel (about 300 to 400) or general grindstone (around 150), and other thin things to grinding in order to make the blade sharp and durable so long. Please note that the side edge on the back of the small edge of the watch also needs corresponding finishing and grinding.

       After sharpening the knife, you can first try cutting it with something soft (something that can be cut without strength). For example, use the thin cloth yarn, cotton and other things to test the effect of grinding the edge. So that you can correct it, until you can cut it off with a net profit, and then trim the branches.

        Normal scissor pruning USES only a small 20-degree blade with a width of 0.2mm to 0.3mm. After the damaged edge is re-polished, the width and Angle of the small surface edge may change, and the sharpness will also change. If you are not experienced in this kind of grinding work, you can try it several times with a small mill. It's best to have someone who's a little bit more technical. Please note that the cutting edge is sharp and the risk of injury should be avoided.

        The cleaning problem of scissors is mainly defilement. Attached to the cut piece of SAP to clear in time, in addition to dirt cleaner available on the market, also can wash with hot water directly - at about 80 ℃ hot water with a toothbrush tools such as rub effect is good. But be sure to dry thoroughly and thoroughly after cleaning with water as soon as possible.