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Principle of tape measure

Date:2018-06-14 15:06:43

    Tape can roll up because tape with spring inside, pull in measuring length, actual it is stretched and the length of the spring scale, once your measurements, the inside of the tape spring automatically contraction, rod under the action of spring force, also follow contract, so the tape will be rolled up.

    Tape the main types of the steel tape, followed by fiber tape, is the tape measure, you often see a lot of people say tape, there is waist feet (tailor tape/tape belong to such). In the south of China and Hong Kong, the tape measure is usually called a soft ruler or a drawing rule. The material is made of PVC plastic and glass fiber, which can prevent elongation during the use of tape measure.

Tape measure

     The leather tape measure is made of glass fiber and PVC plastic. It's usually made in British, 150 centimeters on one side and 60 inches on the other. Inches are commonly used measurement units in foreign countries. The size units of TV sets and monitors are inches. And the size of the jeans, also in inches. In China, the measurement of clothing leather ruler is commonly used in the market inch. One side is 150 centimeters and the other side is 45 inches. Often said 2 '1 ", 2' 2 "waist, is the market inch unit.