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What does the hardware include?
1.Gold: red and yellow precious minerals, international monetary standard2. Silver: it is a kind of transition metal. The chemical symbol Ag. Silver is one of the metals known and used in ancient times. It is an important precious metal.3. Copper: one of
The functions of various pliers are as follows
1. Shear pliers, which can be used for cutting or trimming (side shear pliers, front shear pliers, cutting pliers, etc.).2. Steel wire pliers, which can be used for cutting and clamping (steel wire pliers, crane pliers, electronic pliers, etc.).Regarding
Rubber hammer differs from rubber hammer
1. The rubber hammer is a rubber hammer with elastic material. It mainly strikes some fragile places and installs floor tiles and glass to provide a certain cushioning effect. 2. The use of rubber hammer and the type of body body repair use a variety o
Daily maintenance and maintenance of pruning shears
Many people are handy with pruning shears, but the maintenance of scissors is not so important, or do not know pruning shears are also needed for daily maintenance. In fact, any sharp tool will blunt without maintenance. This rule also applies to ARS t
Chopper description
DC chopper is the conversion of fixed DC voltage into variable DC voltage, also known as DC/DC transformation. Chopper there are two ways of working, one is the pulse width modulation mode, Ts (cycle) is constant, change the Ton (general, Ton to switch
Function of automatic wire stripper
Wire stripping machine is the plastic wrap wire substandard skins with metal core stripping machine, because the wire diameter size and material and composition is different, have different appropriate models: short fine lines, big square, platoon line
Tire pressure gauge function
There are countless shapes and sizes, but they all boil down to a few basic types. Dial, number, It may look different on different instruments and display different results, but they all use the same. The first and most common measures are the bar typ
Composition of steel tape measure
partsThe steel tape measure consists of eight parts: outer shell, ruler, brake, ruler hook, lifting belt, ruler spring, fall protection sleeve and labeling. Details are as follows1. Shell: ABS new plastic, with glossy appearance; Resistant to fall, wear a
Principle of tape measure
Tape can roll up because tape with spring inside, pull in measuring length, actual it is stretched and the length of the spring scale, once your measurements, the inside of the tape spring automatically contraction, rod under the action of spring force,
Composition and classification of pliers
Pliers have many kinds and are widely used. They are indispensable hand tools for clamping and cutting workpieces in various industrial assembly, repair and installation. However, it has a common basic structure, that is, any hand with pliers county con
Precautions for using pliers
1. Use the pliers to operate with the right hand. Turn the forceps inward for easy control of the cutting position. Hold the pinkie between the two clamps with your little finger. Open the clamping head.2. The tool mouth of the pliers can be used to cut t